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My name is Lynn Burlingame, and I live in Bellevue, Washington.  I established this web page to make contact with persons researching the same lines.  Please email me at n7cfo[at] if you wish to share information.  

 I am primarily working on the Burlingame, Pollman. Wallin, Hogue, Allen and Lumquist lines.

I can provide information about the following individuals and their families.

Name Comment
Anson S. Burlingame My great great grandfather.  He married Libby Lyons, Eliza Starr and Catherine Naylor.  He was in the Civil War and was buried near Adna, Washington at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.  He was not the diplomat, Anson Burlingame.
Frank Orson Burlingame He married Martha Washington Hogue, daughter of John Hogue and Lucy Roberts.  Martha and Frank were also buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
Lloyd Orson Burlingame He married Martha Sara Pollman.  She was previously married to Milton O. McClellan.
Arthur Bernard Wallin He was the son of Erik and Nicolina (Lena) Wallin.  He married Ida May Allen, Daughter of Hiram Petty John Allen and Margaret Elizabeth Lumquist.  Arthur and Ida Wallin both died in Yelm, Washington and are buried there.
Milton Oliver McClellan He was my grandmother's first husband and deserted her and his son in 1915 in Kennett, California.  There are traces of him since then, but not much.  Information would be welcome.

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