The Fullerphone

In June 1999 I took a trip down the Oregon coast and found a Operator's manual for the Mark IV Fullerphone in a small bookstore in Nehalem, Oregon.  This was an interesting find because there are many Fullerphones still around, but to my knowledge this is the first manual that has turned up.  This is a 4 3/8" X 7 1/8" paperbound manual and is about 40 pages (depending on how you count them).  I posted this manual on my web page, and as a result was contacted by Chris Bisaillion, VE3CBK, of Ontario, Canada who kindly lent me an original of Signal Training, Volume III, Pamphlet No. 3., FULLERPHONE, MARK III, 1923.  

Please note that pages 17 through 24 in the Mark IV manual are all blank.  These are "notes" pages for the use of the operator.  The last page is an amendment that was loose in the manual.


Mark III Fullerphone manual


1 through 5

6 through 10

11 through 15

16 through 20

21 through 25

26 through 30


Mark IV Fullerphone manual


1 through 5  

 6 through 10  

11 though 16

  25 through 30

 31 through 34 

 35, 36 and amendment


Mark IV Fullerphone Instruction sheet

Pages 1 and 2

I have also located a link to Louis Muelstee's website on The Fullerphone.

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