Accolades for the N7CFO Keyletter

"Could you use different paper in your publication? It is giving my wife a rash."  (Jim Bob Jones, Little Rock, Arkansas)

"Congratulations! You are one of ten Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes finalists!" (Publishers Clearing House)

Is your spell checker disabled?  (Tommy Jones, age 7)

I suggest that you cease publication immediately. A fatwah is not a joke!  (Salmon Rushdie)

Have you no shame? (Theodore Bundy)

"Grllrg snurfllkjhm wrlllellelln fllewwwlffrghnllll Rnars Glenfiddich!  Llegnwllyn wwrlgnrlgmpnusnarf.  Gllmmglurpll Morse Code!"  (Wyn Davies, Wales)

"Join the crew" virus alert!  (Anon)

"Mr. Burlingame has responded well to electroshock therapy. It is likely that he can be returned to normal society, though his bizarre fixation with telegraph items is likely to continue."  (J. Elbert Scheisskoph, Phd.)

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