Elmer Burlingame Timeline




June 13, 1879 Elmer Allah Burlingame born.  Green Lake, Wisconsin.  Son of Freeborn Wanton Burlingame and Isabelle Ann Larkin. Genealogy, prepared by Russell Clark Burlingame,  circa 1947.  
1899 Employed by LaPorte Telephone company as "trouble man".  Eventually promoted to wire chief.  During this time he "denied himself every entertainment and luxury that he might have money for the necessary electrical supplies for conducting his investigation".  (I told you that it was putrid stuff........) The Burlingame Bulletin.
January 1, 1904 Married Bess May McCall in Peru, Indiana. R.C. Burlingame genealogy.
1905 Constructed first crude working model of the Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter.  (BTT) The Burlingame Bulletin.
1909 BTT incorporated in Washington state. BTT stock escrow.
c. 1909 Factory established at 169 Oliver Street in Boston. The Burlingame Bulletin.
March 3, 1939 Elmer Burlingame died in San Pedro, California.  Buried at Sunnyside Cemetery in Long Beach, Ca. R.C. Burlingame genealogy.