The Dow-Key Census

I am establishing a database to evaluate information about Dow-Key models and variations.  If you have a Dow-Key bug I request that you provide informaiton about it to aid in this effort.  I will post results of this census on this web page and publish them in the N7CFO Keyletter.  I need the following information:

Model:  (Universal (Rotary), Original or Junior)

Label:  (Winnipeg, Warren, Minnesota, Brewer, Maine, or other)

Label Position: (Parallel with base or crossways)

Patent Number.

Finish.  (Chrome, Nickel, Brass, Black Crackle, Gray Crackle, Other.)

Base Size.  

Serial Number.

Damper.  (Rotary turns with the mechanism [Universal Model], Post with plastic pad, Post with captive disk, goal post, other)

Binding Posts.  (Threaded thumbscrew, Slot top with hole completely through, slot top, hold not through, turned [wadcutter] edge, hole not through the top, other)

Shape of paddles: Rectangular, rounded corners, tapered front, other) 

Type of paddles:  Red plastic, black plastic, other.

If you have a digital camera, I would appreciate one or more photos - I am building quite a library of photos, and the information on them will come in handy later if I find any more variations.

Please email me at n7cfo [at]