Dow-Key Models

Note:  There are no known designations for Dow-Keys other than the Universal Model.  The following names have been arbitrarily assigned because of their similarity to Vibroplex models.  Click the thumbnail photos for larger views.

Universal (Rotary)

Universal Deluxe  dk1051b.jpg (152624 bytes) The Universal Deluxe has a chrome base and red paddles.  Many of the Universals are found in their original wooden shipping boxes.  (KN6W collection).
Universal, Pivoting damper dow1a.jpg (179274 bytes) This is the first version of the Universal.  Note that the damper pivots with the rest of the mechanism.  (W4OI collection)
Universal Standard  gryrot.jpg (74012 bytes) Platinum gray or gold wrinkle base, chrome parts.
Universal Gold dowgold.jpg (190924 bytes) Gold.  Single post and rod with red knob damper.

"Bent" Dow
Black base bentdow.jpg (35460 bytes) The so-called "Bent Dow" was designed by Paul Dow to meet a perceived need for a more ergonomic angle for keying.  It  is almost certain that the bent model preceded the Universal.  Photo courtesy of Neal McEwen
Chrome base bentfram.jpg (48451 bytes) Photo courtesy of Russ Kleinman.  Photo of label.
Brass Photo courtesy of Martin Odenbach.

Junior Model

Junior Chrome dow1.jpg (50672 bytes) Chrome ferrous base.  2 7/8" X 6".  Upper parts non-ferrous.  Flat topped binding nuts.  Swinging arm type damper.  Label states "DOW-KEY, MFD. By Paul P. Dow, Winnipeg".  Label pinned in upper left and lower right corners.  Five sided paddle.  (N7CFO collection)

Original Model (Winnipeg address)  There were several variations of this key.  Most seem to have had the "goal post" damper, but other variations had a vertical post with a disc in the top or a vertical post with a horizontal screw with a plastic knob on the end..

Original Black dow2.jpg (67615 bytes) Black.  Goal post damper.  Bullet shaped paddle.  Slotted "wadcutter" binding posts.  (N7CFO collection)  Painted label.  
Original Chrome chrmorg.jpg (41788 bytes) Chrome.  Goal post damper.  Note goal post style damper and "Wadcutter" binding posts.
Original Blue bluedow.jpg (182323 bytes) Blue base, Single post and disc damper.  (W4OI collection)
Original, Green  grndow.jpg (77751 bytes) Green base.  Single post and disc damper.  Winnipeg address. (K8MFO collection)  Close-up of damperClose up of label.
Original variation Dowhole.jpg (58674 bytes) This is a variation - it has the "Hole in the Wall" frame.  (WA5Y Collection)

KEY-municator straight key

kcator2.JPG (65122 bytes)

Kcator4.JPG (242193 bytes)

kcator3.JPG (83086 bytes)

This was a hollow based key with a black crackle finish.  The oscillator was contained in the base.  It was advertised from December 1960 through May of 1962. 

              kcator1.jpg (354194 bytes) 

Dow boxes (Thanks to Wayne Blenkhorn, VE1BAB!)





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