N7CFO Keyletter Issue Dates and Highlights

Keyletter number Date published Page range Major Topics
1 6/8/92 1-2 McElroy
2 7/9/92 3-13 Vibroplex, McElroy, Bunnell Dual Speed, ARTEC, Thompson-Levering, Signal, Navy manufacturers code list and list of keymakers.
3 8/9/92 14-17 Navy manufacturers code list, ARTEC, Nye, Mac Teardrops, and Bunnell Double Speed.
4 10/30/92 18-31 Code practice machines (Teleplex, Instructograph, Ayers, Omnigraph, etc.)  Telegraph Apparatus Company, WT 8 AMP keys, Speed-X, Navy manufacturers code list, Paul Seiler, and William Nye Company.
5 2/12/93 32-54 Navy manufacturers code list, Paddles and Keyers, Speed-Bug, Ayers, Brelco, Lionel, Close-up photography, El-Key, Globalman, Ni-Key, Ham-Key, Mon-Key, Autronic, Codetrol, Palomar, Ten-Tec, Melehan, Eldico, Speed-X, Ultimate Transmitter and light signaling.
6 7/7/93 55-67 Heliograph, McElroy, Mon-Key history, light signaling, Speed-X, Nacometer, J-36, TAC nameplates, Buzza, FYO, Rousseau, Parks Code Wheel, Rotoplex, Teleplex, Code Board, Hills Vari-Speed, and Codome.
7 10/15/93 68-80 Mon-Key update, J-3, Kungsimport, J-38FR, Speed-X, Mecograph, Tillotson, Electro-Bug, and Omnigraph.
8 2/28/94 81-94 Steiner key,  McElroy, Speed-X history, William Nye Company, Ultimate Transmitter, Electro-Bug, MESCO, Bunnell Flash Keys, D&K Dinger, Wizard, and Tillotson Victor key.
9 7/7/94 95-105 VE3QQ keys, Patent number list, Autronics, TAC, Omnigraph, E.F. Johnson and ATKO.
10 9/30/94 106-113 Vibroplex 2 meter FM radio, Bob Poucel and the El-Key and Hi-Mound.
11 11/30/94 114-123 Moto-Key, Keyers, Equable Key and Sematic Key.
12 3/2/95 124-133 GPO museum, El-Key, Keyer history, Sematic Key, Restoration tips and parts sources.
13 7/10/95 134-144 Kitano Key, Bunnell Gold Bug, Wide Body Blue Racers, Eldico, Ford Museum, cords and wedges, fire alarm keys, Electric Specialty Manufacturing Co., spy radios, MESCO and Speed-X.
14 10/6/95 145-154 Bunnell Gold bug, ARHCO keys, cloverleaf Vibroplex frames, Peerless Signagraph, W6OWP keyers, Duomatic Keyer, bug cases, Kitano Key, Wilcox bugs and Mac cord.
15 11/10/95 155-164 J-37, Bunnell Gold Bugs, clover leaf Vibroplex frames, pin striping techniques, Mecograph, Patrick & Carter, Teletek Paddles, parts sources, Audible Alphabet Transmitter and Hal "FYO" paddles.
16 2/24/96 165-174 Blue Point key, Whiterock Products, Hills Vari-Speed, Pinstriping techniques, thumbpiece repair, Bunnell Gold Bug census, photography techniques, packing bugs for shipping, Buzza, key knob fabrication and RCA tie tac.
17 5/25/96 175-184 Lytle Triplex, Equable key, Globalman, Dow-Key, MK V heliograph, fake keys, crackle painting, Palomar IC keyers and light signalling.
18 10/21/96 185-194 Buzza, J-45, plating, Albright, Bunnell Double-Speed key, open circuit key and  Victor key.
19 12/14/96 195-204 Elwood Vibroplex serial number list.
20 1/30/97 205-216 Tool sources, Vibroplex Norcross keys, Nesbit interview, user markings, Wilson bug, Australian keys.
21 5/30/97 217-230 Vibroplex Uprights, Paddlette, Cedar Rapids bugs, Brown Bros., nameplate replacement, GHD bugs and Codetrol. 
22 11/28/97 231-240 Fleron, Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter, Phillips code, Lionel J-36 nameplate repair, Hi-Mound, and Dow-Key. 
23 2/14/98 241-250 Paddlette, spring winding, museums, Go-Devil, TAC, Fleron, and Data Engineering.
24 4/20/98 251-260 Marconi company rules, Palomar IC Keyer, Cal-Av labs, Clapp-Eastham Boston Key, SQ-Auto Keyer, Kitano Katahdin, Mercury paddle, Clapp-Eastham "Blitzen", Boston Key repro, and Fist fighter keyer.
25 8/28/98 261-280 Bakelite, Squeeze Key, Novosibirsk paddles, Fleron, Boston Key repros, MESCO catalog reprint and K.E.  Keyer.
26 12/14/98 281-294 Dah-Ditter, Catlin method, Kitano Key, Navy keys, J-36 labels, TAC, Patrick & Carter, Leach brochure and Montgomery Ward catalog.
27 4/27/99 295-310 PLA key, Mecograph, Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter, Catlin Method, Self Winding Clock Company, AtoZ bugs, Mon-Key rehab, TEL-E-DOT, Klass key, Speed-X weights.
28 9/16/99 311-326 Fullerphone, Ford Museum, Nye Viking, Perfectograph, Battery Oil, Radio Row, Buzza history, AtoZ bugs, Swedish T handle bugs, Electro-Bugs Dodge School, and Nikey.
29 11/29/99 327-342 Spark Key Project, Wrecking Box, Slaby-Arco, Electro-Bug, Hills and Vari-Speed.
30 1/3/00 343-356 Western Union Inside plant catalog of 1929 excerpts, Lowenstein, Australian J-36, and WWII Vibroplexes.
31 5/26/00 357-374 Dow-Key project, Buzza, Western Electric nomenclature, Telegraphone, Western Union signs, Moisture and Fungus Proofing, Argentine Keys, ARTA, Hills Vari-Speed, J-7Marconi Roadmap key, and Hamco paddles.
32 11/20/00 375-392 E.F. Johnson history, James McElroy patents, Vibroplex EK-1, Western Union glass signs, Leach Speedo-Plex, Biggs Key, RAF Bathtub keys, Martin Loose coupler, Dunduplex, J-5 keys, FYO paddles, PMG Vibroplexes, RAF keys, Postal Telegraph serial numbers, Dow-Key project and Telespeed bug.  
33 6/21/01 393-412 Martin Flash-Key project by Don Karvonen, K8MFO,  McElroy, TAC, and copy Streamkeys by Stan Riome, VE3STN, and J-38 (and J38) variations by Scott Hill, K6IX.  In addition, there is material about prehistoric Indian heliography using shiny rocks (I am NOT kidding....), a listing of Aussie keys by Ron McMullen, and a listing of J.H. Bunnell addresses over the years by Joe Jacobs.
34 10/8/01 413-430 Field Guide To the Mecographs by Doug Palmer, K4KEY.  Signal Electric time line.  Spark Key Project.  Levinson's Radio Bugs.  Spanish J-38. 
35 3/18/02 431-444 W9TO, Edison in Canada, J-37 Keys, Victor Key, Dundupex single paddle, Mecograph, Maniflex Sideswiper, Levenson, Vibroplex Cases, MESCO, Naval KOBs, Lindholm & Wikstrom, Standard Radio Bugs.
36 4/23/03 445-456 R.T.S., Key & Plug Assembly No. 9, Jablonsky Sideswiper, Murray Willer Toronto Star Article, SE01143 and SE-4015, Vibroplex EK-1 update, MESCO bulkhead blinker, Wireless in Submarines, Vibroplex Venus, A.W. Bowman Spark Keys, Hybrid Lionel J-36 bugs, Dunduplex, Great Northern Telegraph, Breedlove Codetrol, and first  Vibroplex advertisement.
37 8/10/04 456-466 Spark equipment list, vintage bug net, Electric Specialty Mfg. Co. bugs, finger keying, Diaphragm keys, Wilson Bugs, RCAF 10A/556, Massie Keys, Key photography, Lytle Triplex census, Paruscio Jiggers, Vaile Autoplex, Vibroplex Upright 3rd model and Vibroplex Battleship gray.
38 5/22/05 467-479 Murray Willer obit, NI8G wake, George Bliss keys, early N2DAN paddles, Marconi collection move, cleaning keys, removing rust from screws, handling screws in acid, repairing an improper height pendulum assembly, rust removal by electrolysis, 26003A navy keys, Mecograph #4, Bunnell name tags, contact resurfacing, Phelps keys and Autronic paddles.
39 3/27/06 480-484 Spies Electric Works, John La Hiff, Community, First Telegraphic Train Order Monument and Novoplex.

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