Links to telegraph related web pages

(Last Update April 20, 2020 )

The Telegraph Office - A Tribute To Morse Telegraphy Neal McEwen's page.
The Sparks Telegraph Review Russ Kleinman's page.  Be sure to check out the "Spark Key Project".
The Vibroplex® Collector's Page Randy Cole's page.  It includes the Vibroplex® dating guide developed by John Elwood.  This is the only legal and authorized web publication of this list.
W1TP Telegraph & Scientific Instrument Museum Tom Perera's (W1TP) cyber museum.  Extensive photos.
N1FN's Key Page Marshal Emm's Collection
Telegraph History  Extensive historical information presented by John Casale.
Telegraph Instruments of Europe Fons Vanden Berghen's collection
Morse Telegraph Club Homepage If you are interested in Morse and don't belong to the MTC, you are missing a LOT!
History of the Atlantic Cable and Submarine Telegraphy EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about submarine telegraphy!
Code Practice Oscillator Collection N4MW's page on code practice oscillators.
Scott Hill's web page. More than you will believe about J-38 keys!
IK6BAK's telegraph key collection Chiarucci Eliseo's page from Italy!
WB9LPU's Key Corner WB9LPU's Key Corner.
Morsemad John G0RDO's website
The Australian Telegraph Office Featuring the collection of Ron McMullen
OH6NT's Web page Thomas Anderssen's Key collection

If you know of other telegraph related web pages, please send me the URL!

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