Western Union Clocks

(Note:  None of the following text appeared in the Western Union Shop catalog) 

Western Union used a wide variety of self winding clocks used over the years, all made by the Self Winding Clock Company.  I have four of them, two with a square metal cases, one with a round metal case and one with a square cherrywood case.  They are extremely interesting to have around the house, and the accuracy is superb.  

These pendulum clocks were "synchronized electro-mechanical" and carry patents as early as November, 1884.  They are spring powered and electrically rewind every hour. They  have two old fashioned dry cells inside the case to power the rewind.  The sound of the clocks rewinding used to scare the daylights out of my wife until she got used to it!  My clock man tells me that by rewinding every hour that there is a limited change in the tension of the spring which enhances accuracy.


master.jpg (7193 bytes)        master2.jpg (110168 bytes) Master clock.  The master clocks controlled sub clocks through small single spool relays that were mounted inside the clock case.  Most of them had mercury filled pendulums.  (Photos courtesy of Joe Galano)
rdclk1.jpg (36695 bytes) rdclk2.jpg (27059 bytes)

rdclk3.jpg (47248 bytes)

Round, metal case.
clkrd.jpg (63455 bytes) A slightly different version of the round clock model.
0904.jpg (52248 bytes) Square, metal case.  Some of these models had second hands.
0905A.jpg (114138 bytes) 0905B.jpg (128548 bytes) Square, cherrywood case.
josooct.jpg (97340 bytes) Octagonal, wooden case.

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