Field Day

Field Day is the largest operating event in the country, and to me it is the most fun.  Field Day is a lot like religion - it is what you decide it is.  There is no right or wrong way to participate in FD (as it is often referred to) and you have many options.  FD is a combination of a social event, a contest, an emergency drill, a training class, a camping trip and a lot more.  On FD you can:

Personally, I prefer to go to a new FD location each year in a remote location so I will encounter a new set of operating conditions.  Please note that the ARRL states that part of the objective is to, "operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions" I like to go alone or with a small group.  To me, the key is participation and learning.  I have not missed a FD in 38 years, so I have a lot of free advice for new FD operators.  (We all know what free advice is worth).  These items are presented in no particular order.

Operating Advice.  These are things that I have learned over the years.