Signs of the Times

I spend a lot of time wandering around the west pulling a small camping trailer.  I always take my digital camera in case I

 happen onto something interesting.  Here are my favorites.

ruts5.jpg (61564 bytes) I'd hate to be in the area in the spring!  I-5 north of Maytown, Washington.  (2001)
amber.JPG (109933 bytes) Somebody needs to find that dizzy little slut and get her to knock this crap off!  Vernon, British Columbia.  (July 2002)
cheif, 8-02.jpg (39356 bytes) Great place to enjoy a Pespi!  Hiway 95, Eastern Washington (August 2002)
sun.JPG (52864 bytes) I wonder if they do human sacrifices?  Upper Methow Methodist Church, Hiway 20, Washington.  (September 2003)
soap.JPG (59864 bytes) Darned right them trees was popular - the Indians camped out there all of the time!  Soap Lake, Washington.  (October 2003)
launch.JPG (45593 bytes) Lanuching is outlawed in at least ten southern states.  Banks Lake, Washington, Hiway 155.  (October 2003)
morg.JPG (36013 bytes) OSHA ain't heard of this place.  Redmond, Oregon.  (October 2003)
kids.jpg (64985 bytes) I am happy to see that somebody is getting away with it.  Gearhart, Oregon (February 2004)
beach.jpg (43246 bytes) This one was taken through the windshield, so is a little poor.  Some bastard stole the entire Pacific Ocean!  Hiway 109, mile 26.5 South of Pacific City on the Washington coast.  (February 2004)
The ultimate typo.....  Pleasant Hill Cemetery, near Adna, Washington.  (May 2004)
It looks like the state of Oregon has a good grasp of the situation.  Hiway 101, Gearhart, Oregon.  (June 2004)
Hause Creek Campground, Hiway 12, Washington.  (June, 2004.)
Somebody help me out here!  Does this mean that there is not a burning ban?  That there is a "no burning burning ban" as opposed to a "burning burning ban"?  Or what??? Castle Rock, Washington.  (August 2004.)

Hiway 20, mile 32, East of Sweethome, Oregon.  (October, 2004)


Apparently this is what the local ho's have for for lunch.  It is a small town, and you wouldn't think that there would be many of them.  BayMart, Hiway 101, mile 155, north of Waldport, Oregon.  (October 2004)
The galley ho is likely a regular at the Baymart which is just up the road.  Waldport, Oregon.  (October 2004)

Things are pretty wild and crazy on the Olympic Peninsula these days. My guess is that on a Saturday night everybody drives out from town to look at a tree or maybe even drink a RC Cola or something. 

A friend suggested that it may be the last one left out there and they don't want the loggers to miss it!

Hiway 101, mile 162, South of Forks, Washington.  (February, 2005)

I don't even want to think about it.  Maybe he is Green Peters brother or something. Hiway 101, mile 260, west of Sequim, WA. (February, 2005)
Mile 7.3, hiway 702, east of McKenna, Washington.  (October 2005)
 NE 94th Avenue & NE 54th Street, Vancouver, Washington.  (February 2006)
Geez, and I didn't even have any qeustiones!  Hiway 12, 1 mile west of Glenoma, Washington.  (April 2006)
All my life I've hoped that somebody would make ice cream that tastes like fermented cabbage, garlic and red peppers.  Yelm City Market, Hiway 507, west of Yelm, Washington.  (April 2006)
Hiway 2, Monroe, WA.  (June 2006)
When these guys don't have a dinner they are careful to schedule it so that people won't not show up by mistake.  Seaside, Oregon.  (June 2006)
This traditional version of teriyaki is brought to you by the same folks at the Yelm City Market that provide the Kim Chi Ice cream.  Yelm City Market, Hiway 507, west of Yelm, Washington.  (August 2006)
Indian John Rest Stop (No kidding, that is the name of it...)  Interstate 90.  (April 2007)
One of the more obscure books in the Bible.  Pacific Hiway, Lacey, WA.  (April 2007)
This must be some sort of sneaky effort on the part of the army to confuse Al Queda.  Interstate 5, mile 120.  (August 2007)
You can bet that Don Imus never spent a night here.  Bend, Oregon.  (October 2007)
It appears that that dizzy little slut Amber has slipped across the border and is raising hell in Oregon!  3rd Avenue, Prineville, Oregon.  (October 2007)
I am really beginning to wonder about the entire population of Oregon - they have so many exhibitionists that they are using them for landmarks!  Terrebonne, OR on hwy 97.  (October 2007)
Hiway 97, North of Terrebonne, Oregon.  (October 2007)
I need some help with this one.  Is this where you acquire scratched and dented Christians?  Does it imply that there is a "Christian Inlet"?  Seaside, Oregon.  (October 2007)
I have no doubt that the Sun God gets all excited over a good Bluegrass session.  This sun worship thing is getting a bit out of hand.  You would think that the local churches would protest!  Where is the United Nations when we need them?  Seaside, Oregon.  (October 2007)
I am so happy for the owner.  Seaside, Oregon.  (October 2007)
I avoid dirty fish at all costs.  Stone Hill Campground, Lake Koocanusa, Montana.  (July 2008)
I ain't sure what this is all about, but I ain't gonna buy a used car from them!  Hwy 395, mile 212, north of Chewelah, WA.  (October 2008)
I stood around for two hours hoping to catch him doing it, but no luck.  Highway 507, mile 7 south of Bucoda, Washington. (October 2008)
I ain't gonna go there.....  Highway 101, Newport Oregon.  (October 2008)
The Un-Methodists broke from the main church in 1922 in a dispute over Bingo revenues.  Highway 401, Naselle, Washington.  (October 2008)
I was going to follow their instructions, but somebody beat me to it!  Polk County Fairgrounds, Rickreall, Oregon.  Thanks to Dan Howard for the tip on this one....  (February 2009)
Don't mess with their chili!  Ellensburg, WA.  (July 2009)
I don't know what Rodney thinks about this, and I would really like to know why Budweiser is sponsoring it!  Sturgis, SD.  (July 2009)
You will be pleased to hear that they also sell gasoline!  Hiway46, Beresford, SD.  (July 2009)
I understand the "Passagassa" part since I am part Italian, but the rest of it eludes me.  Hiway 1, Belfast, Maine.  (August 2009)
And then again, they may not....  I-25, mile 59 south of Colorado city, CO.  August 2009)


Only people, but they were well behaved.  I-25, Colorado.  mile 16 rest stop.  (August 2009)
It seems kind of callous, but if you have a dead one, I guess that is what you have to do.  After all, this is the old west......  Beoware Rest Stop, I-80 mile 258, Nevada  (August 2009)
And if you don't have that kid in a half hour you are outta here!!! St. Joseph's Hospital, Bellingham, WA.  (October 2009)
This is not a sign, but I could not pass it up.  Channel 5, Seattle.  (June 2010)
I asked about current tribal reation regulations, but nobody had a clue.  Highway 28, Montana.  (July 2010)
I am still trying to figure this one out.  I hope it ain't what I think it is that he has never gotten, not even once......  Highway 2 near Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana.  (July 2010)
They had me with the leeches part....  Someplace in western Montana, I forgot to write it down.  (July 2010)
This was one of the smaller produce stands I have ever encountered.  I-88, mile 355 south of Baker City, Oregon.  (July 2010)
This comes down to two possibilities:  1)  Reduce the number of schools in the immediate area.  2)  Send those snotty nosed brats home until they are well.  Hiway 20, mile 196 east of Winthrop, WA. (September 2010)
We all need to make sure we are not carrying overweight permits - I am sure the police are checking.  Amity, Oregon.  (February 2011)


Hams will understand this one.  Hiway 99W, Just south of Amity, Oregon.  (February 2011)
In Oregon our sign makers and store owners are lituruht!  Seaside, Oregon, Hiway 101.  (June 2012)
This makes absolutely no sense!  Hell, if there was a kid in the basket I would certainly notice it and take another cart.  This must be an OSHA regulation or something.  QFC supermarket, Bellevue, WA.  (April 2013)
I looked all over the place and could not find it.   Home Depot, Issaquah, WA.  (May 2013)

I didn't get a look at the occupants of this machine, but it was apparent that they were on a mission.

Dismal Nitch Rest Stop, Hiway 101, Washington.  (No kidding, that is what they call it.  See:  June, 2013)

Like moo, dude!  Hiway 101, Warrenton, Oregon.  (June 2013)
Hell, I thought that everybody knew that!  Home Depot, Bellevue, WA.  (June 2013)
Inflation!    Somewhere in eastern Washington.  I forgot to write it down.  (July 2013)
Hiway 395. 20 miles south of Susanville, California.  (August 2013)
It had me worried for a while, but it turned out to be a flyer for an earthquake drill.  I took this photo in a public location that shall have to go unnamed.  Seattle, Washington.  (October 2013)
This defines "irony"!  Mercer Island City Hall, Mercer Island, WA.  (January 2014)
They take their Easter parades seriously in Oregon!  Warrenton, OR.  (June 2014)
This sort of thing seems to be spreading like wildfire.  I wonder if they will soon be doing human sacrifices.  Bellevue, WA.  (June 2014)
I have long had the rule that I have to personally take the photo for this webpage, but this one is so good that I am breaking it.  My eldest daughter (who shares my twisted sense of humor...) took the photograph on the I-5 onramp in Marysville, WA.  Her comment was, "What are dome reins? What purpose do they serve? Why are they free? What does a Toucan have to do with it?"  It is apparent that the local kids lern two rede and spel gud.  (November 2014)
I've seen these signs for years, but this is the first open range that I have actually seen!  Oregon Hiway 82 6 miles east of Joseph.  (July 2015)
When you see a sign like this you know you are in western Washington.  Hiway 20, Marblemount.  (September 2015)
Things are getting a bit out of hand in California!  I-5, mile 747.  (October, 2015)
It is truly sad when young kids have this problem.  Children's Hospital Emergency Room, Seattle, WA.  (November 2015)
I'd hate to see the Full Evil version.  OfferUp websute,  (November 2015)
Oregon is heavily populated by the Haight Ashbury crowd that moved north in the 1970's.  Apparently they are still into recycling.  Mile 44 Hiway 101, Manzanita, Oregon.  (February, 2016)
These people are apparently proud of their goat.  This is a good thing!  Mile  133, Hiway 12, just east of Packwood, WA  (April 2016)
This was in Renton, so I guess that explains it.  I wonder who the judges are.  Hiway 509, Renton Highlands, WA.  (April 2016)
Have to say, their command of English does not inspire confidence.  Chehalis, WA.  (June 2016)

I took two photos of this to prove that the sign had not been tampered with.  I am still trying to figure it out.  Oregon highway 30 mile 67, west of Clatskanie.  (June 2016)
If this doesn't convert them, nothing will!  Federal Way I-5 rest stop men's room, north of Tacoma, WA.  (June 2016)
Damned protesters!  • Highway 97, mile 161 south of Blewett pass.  (June 2016)
Now they are renaming major cities!  North Freya Way at Trent Street, Spokane, WA.  (September 2016)
I waited for a half hour, but could not find an employee to meet their requirements so I left.  Lowe's Hardware, Renton, WA.  (April 2017)
This S&M thing is getting out of control!  Lake Sammamish State Park, Issaquah, WA.  (May 2017)
If this doesn't get him a date, nothing will!  (Seattle Post Intelligencer online, May 8, 2017)
What an honor!  I looked him up online and he is the former mayor!  Astoria, OR.  (June 2017)
I am glad that Oregon is cracking down on impaired driving.  Circle Creek Campground, Seaside, Oregon.  (June 2017)

Samena Club parking lot, Bellevue, WA.  (November 2017)
Good news!  The Amen! Parking In Rear Christian Bookstore has Biples!!  Marysville, WA.  (January 2018)
The cavalry is back!  Custer will ride again!  Yakima County Fairgrounds, Yakima, WA (April 2018)
These bastards have to be stopped!  (April 2018)
You know you are near Portland when you see vegan jerky for sale. Oregon Hiway 26, mile 48.  (June 2018)
So far I have not been able to talk anybody into this....Redmond, WA.  (January 2019)
I don't even want to know what a phoner is.....  (February 2019)
ap·tro·nym.  noun,  a person's name that is regarded as amusingly appropriate to their occupation.  Kreske Avenue, Chehalis, WA.  (July 2019)
These guys don't mess around!  Rochester, WA.  (July 2019)
A fork in the road!  Rochester, WA.  (July 2019)
Who the hell would want to own a "SOUTHWINO" motor home??  Colville, WA.  September 2019)
Hiway 34 east of Waldport, Oregon.  (October 2019)
I was careful to not step in any of it.  You would think they would clean it up rather than putting up a sign!  Overlake Hospital, Bellevue, WA.  (December 2019)
Best spam email of the year, so far!  January, 2020
I am sure that Mr. Charles is paid a lot of money for figuring things like this out!  (, February 3, 2020)
Interesting job title.  September 8, 2020.
I hate it when this happens.  January 2, 2021.
This is the best spam of the day, so far.  Ain't nothing better than a defiant web developer.  (February 1, 2021)
Don't you hate that heaving rain!  (December 27, 2022)
UW, the path to success!  I-90, Issaquah, WA (January 3, 2023
I drove around the block to get a look at her, but she must have been plying her trade elsewhere.  Waldport, WA.  January 17, 2023.
Bellevue Goodwill.  March 25, 2023.
The name makes me wonder what is inside!  Rufus Landing, OR. September 21, 2023
I am not sure how you go about inventorying an aria and there were no divas around to ask.   Kaiser Permanente Bellevue Pharmacy, October 11, 2023.
When I first saw it I thought somebody had named a road after me!  Hiway 99, three miles south of Monmouth, Oregon.  October 20, 2023.
Crossroads post office.  Bellevue, WA.  December 14, 2023.
April 14, 2024.  Rufus, Oregon.  (No, I did not camp there!)