Mt. Pilchuck Landing


(Updated October 04, 2003)

General.  This site is a logging landing on the west side of the mountain.  It would be a little rough for low slung autos to make it in, but 2 WD pickups have no problems.  There is ample room to camp and set up, though you can expect frequent traffic through the area.  This is a premier operating location with excellent paths to the north, west, and south.  Access is good, and passenger cars make it all the time, but the ruts and low areas can be bad.  I always take an axe and a shovel in case I have to do any road work or chop out any fallen trees.  If you are flying rover antennas you should also take a pole pruner.

10/03 update.  People have been burning pallet boards at the landing, and there is an incredible quantity of nails in the dirt on the uphill side of the road.  These nails have been burned and are rusty, so they are hard to see.  Check before you drive off the road!

Driving Instructions:  

-    Go through Granite Falls on Stanley Street.

-    Go left on the Mountain Loop Highway.  Watch your speed through the 335 mph zones after you leave town - police patrol this area regularly.

-    Drive 12 miles to the metal bridge.  The milepost is just past the bridge.

-    Look for "Mt. Pilchuck" sign on right just past bridge. Turn right up the hill.  It is a good idea to turn your headlights on at this point because the road is narrow and visibility is limited.

-    Go 4.7 miles to the turnoff to the landing.  Turn right.

-    Drive .6 miles to the landing.

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Bearings and distances to selected locations from Pilchuck Landing
Location Grid Bearing Distance in Miles
Bellevue, WA (K7UU) CN87 202 34
CN75 CN75 207 235
Ephrata (N7AU) DN07 117 121
Frenchman's Ridge DN06/DN07 line 129 116
High Ridge DN05 132 242
Knowlton Knob DN08 85 90
Mary's peak CN84 199 259

Mt. Hebo

CN85 205 217
Paulina Peak CN93 174 304
Pilot Butte CN94 174 278
Steptoe Butte DN17 107 224