Mary's Peak


(Last Updated 02/12/2003

General.  This site is a large parking lot near the top of Mary's Peak.  There is a scenic overlook, complete with restrooms and fresh water.  You can hike to the top of the peak, but vehicles are not allowed.  There are also TV and FM transmitters located on the top of the peak which may cause interference.  This location has excellent paths in in all directions.  Per Bob, W7PUA, the best microwave site is on the east side of the lot just north of the restroom.

There is a campground located approximately a mile from the parking lot.  It has flush toilets and fresh water, but is not a particularly good operating location due to trees.  (Update 7/01 - Per KB7WW, the park is now closed - no overnight camping.)

There is a nominal access fee charged for entry with a pay station at the foot of the hill.  The road is moderately steep, and is a steady grade to the top.  There is also access from the west via a Forest Service road.  I made this trip once in hopes of finding a quick route from the coast and found it to be not worth the effort because of road conditions.

Driving Instructions: 

-    I-5 to Corvallis.

-    Hiway 20 west to Philomath.

-    Approximately 1 mile west of Philomath turn southwest on hiway 34.  Mary's Peak road is approximately ten miles on right.