Dray's Mound


(Courtesy of W7DHC)

Last Update May 28, 2002

General:  High spot just off I-5.  

Driving Instructions:  Take Exit 32 (Kalama River Road) from I-5.  Go East 1/4 mile on Kalama River Road and turn left onto Old Hwy 99 S.  Go North 1.8 miles on Old Hwy 99 S to Mount Pleasant Road.  Turn right onto Mount Pleasant Road and almost immediately turn left into the Carrolton Crest development (stone entrance).  Proceed about 100 yards, then turn right and go up the hill about 100 yards.  At the 'T" intersection, turn left and immediately left again onto a short street leading to a cul de sac.  While only about 400' elevation, it's a pretty good location as it sits out on a point and has good views North, West and South; East is not too bad.

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