Grid Corners


(Courtesy of  KB7DQH)

General.  This grid corner can be worked on foot if you had to, (someone should try this with an FT817) but it is extremely doable with an automobile. 

Driving Instructions. State Route 109, from Hoquiam to Ocean Shores, passes within 100 yards of the actual grid corner.  The Highway will permit operation from CN86, to CN87, (don't go too fast as the GPS will most likely not see you in this grid at 50 plus miles an hour) then into CN77.  The length of road in CN87 is short, about 3 or so hundred feet, and to access CN76 there is a road running out onto Point New, which protrudes nicely into CN76 from CN77.  Somewhere along the road you will cross the line, actually not far from the highway by the looks of things.