Latitude and Longitude of Selected PNW VHF sites

(Last update:  April 03, 2011 11:53)

Location General Location Grid Longitude Latitude
Bunker Hill NW of Scappoose CN85lu N45 51.605 W 123 01.960
Frenchman Ridge E of Vantage, WA DN06ax7/DN07 N46 59.935 W119 56.211
Mary's Peak SE of Corvallis, OR CN84fm N44 30.650 W123 33.087
Lion Rock N of Ellensburg, WA CN97eg N47 15.09 W120 35.15
Mt. Baker Summit E of Bellingham, WA CN98cw N48  46.5300- W121 49.116
Mt. Crag W of Bremerton, WA CN87ms N47 45.583 W122 57.916
Mt. Hebo S of Tillamook, OR CN85cf N45 12.845 W123 45.310
Mt. Rainier Summit W of Olympia, WA CN96cu N46 51.235 W121 45.555
Paulina Peak Summit S of Bend, OR CN93iq N43 41.358 W121 15.278
Pilchuck Landing E of Granite Falls, WA CN98bb N48 04.152 W121 50.277
Pilot Butte Bend, OR CN94ib N44 03.644 W121 17.015
Rainout Ridge W of Olympia on NW side of Mt. Rainier CN96aw N46 57.055 W121 56.957
Ryegrass Rest Area E of Ellensburg, WA CN96vw N46 56.478 W120 12.197
Steptoe Butte S of Spokane, WA DN17ia N47 01.952 W117 17.814
Waterville Ski Hill SW of Waterville, WA CN97wo N47 36.598 W120  7.778

Latitude and Longitude of PNW VHF Stations

(If you wish to be included in this list please send me your call, location and the grid and exact lat/lon from a GPS shot or from mapping software.  Please do not use QRZ.COM lat/lon - it is only approximate)

Station General Location GRID Latitude Longitude
N6KW Seattle, WA CN87uo N47 36.546' W122 17.352'
N7AU Ephrata, WA DN07fg N47 15.169 W119 32.414
K7AWB NW of Spokane DN17es N47 46.938 W117 36.991
N7CFO Bellevue, WA CN87wo N47 35.240 W122 07.414
W7DG Longview, WA CN86me N46 10.975 W122 57.515
W7DHC Lynden, WA CN88sv N48 53.198 W122 27.204
N7EPD Tacoma, WA CN87rf N4714.500 W122 31.929
W7GLF Kirkland, WA CN87vr N4742.663 W122 13.440
W7HDD Wenatchee, WA CN97tk N 47 26.16 W 120 20.34
WA7TZY Woodinville, WA CN87xs N47 45.112 W122 00.661
WB7BST Woodinville, WA CN87xs N47 45.112 W122 00.661

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