Outfitting the Escape 5.0 TA



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The Escape 5.0 TA is a 19 foot tandem axle 5th wheel travel trailer made by Escape Trailer Industries in Chilliwack, BC.  I took delivery of mine on January 4, 2018.  The Escape folks pulled it across the border at Sumas, Washington and cleared it through customs.  I met them in a parking lot in Sumas and we hooked it to my Tundra and away we went! The parking lot was a sheet of ice but the streets and roads south of Sumas were clear.



                        Outfitting a camping trailer is a major task - it is a "Place for everything and everything in it's place" sort of thing.  I've now had it for over a year and finally feel like I have moved in.  Here are some of my projects.

Amateur Radio feedline pass-through
Bathroom cabinet shelf retainers
Cabinet storage bins
Cover installation and removal
Hand grabs and step treads
Interior carpet
Knife Block
Level installation on pinbox
Pinbox hole covers
Power Connection Light
5.0TA Propane Tank Compartment Bottom Flange Protector
Rear Camera
Shower curtain
Toilet valve holder-opener for flushing the black water holding tank
VHF/UHF Amateur radio Installation
Magnetic Solar Powered Motion Detector Lights
Power Cable Mouse Guard
Electrical Connector Holder

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