Gallery of PowerPole Projects

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PowerPole "on and off" pliers.  Now and then you need to take a pair of PowerPoles apart or cannot quite get the housings mated.  I modified these cheapo pliers by grinding the jaws so they are offset, and they do the job!
Contact setting tool.  This is a "short-shanked" screwdriver with a ground down blade.  The short shank greatly reduces the risk of impaling your hand.  To short-shank a screwdriver, secure the bit in a vise per the photo and place an adjustable wrench over it.  Whack the wrench a time or two with a hammer and the shank will come out of the handle.  Use a bench grinder to cut the shank to shorten it.    
Cigarette lighter adapters  
Fuse tap.  Ever need to pick up DC power in a rental car?
Adapters for other connectors          
VOM leads
Battery jumper adapters  
The expensive way to secure PowerPoles and the cheap way.......      
Fuse section
Cooling fan
LED light
Pin insertion tool  
A cheaper pin and insertion tool!
I submitted this to QST Hints and Kinks and they published it.   This is  .095 splined weedeater line and it works great in lieu of a pin.
RV water transfer pump  
Trailer electrical connection adapter for RV water transfer pump