Ugly Box Construction

My first Ugly Box was built several years ago for a new Icom IC-706. Unfortunately, it was delayed in shipping, so I had little time to install it before a major trip. I built a "U" shaped frame out of 1/2" plywood, and put the Icom main unit into it hanging from the mobile mount. This was put behind the driver's seat of the pickup and cabled up as best I could.

I discovered that it was very handy and could easily be moved into my camp trailer for portable use. I used this mount for years and the rig was never scratched or otherwise damaged.

I make these boxes out of type MDO plywood which has a resin paper covering on one side. They are assembled with countersunk flat headed wood screws this allows for quick disassembly for access. MDO plywood does not require painting, and looks reasonably nice. The surface can easily be marked.

Here are examples of some of my Ugly Box projects.  Click the thumbnails to  see larger photos

Icom IC-706 mount.  This was my first Ugly Box.  The handle makes it convenient to transport.  The holes on the sides provide ventilation and allow access to the mobile bracket mounting screws.  The overhanging top shades the display which reduces glare and reflections.
Yaesu FT-90 main unit case.  This unit resides in the trunk of my Honda Accord on top of the spare tire.  
Transverter Deck.  This unit has four DEM UHF transverters - 903/1296/2304 and 3456.  All use the same IF radio and the switch deck in the center selects the transverter.
Portable Packet RMS.  This unit fits nicely in a Pelican case and can be deployed in just a few minutes
Icom IC-7000, LDG tuner and SCS Pactor modem.  This unit also resides in a Pelican case and is my favorite for camping trips.  Note the labels on tops of the box - the markings for the various connections on the IC-7000 are difficult to read, and this simplifies things.     
1296 and 903 FM deck