Cable, Battery and Wall-wart Marking

This is a project that I should have done many years ago - properly marking the cables in my shack, vehicles and travel trailer.  I got started on this when I bought a used TNC and radio that came complete with a nicely assembled cable that was neatly tagged with the TNC make and model on one end and the radio make and model on the other.

I purchased two hundred Monoprice 2.5X100 MM marker ties for less than ten dollars off eBay and had at it. 

I quickly noticed that ballpoint and gel markers do not write on the tag surface. I solved this problem by buying some Sharpie Precision permanent markers at a local office supply.  These markers snug up tight on feedlines and will not accidentally come loose.  The secret is to tag both ends of cables - trust me, you will be happy that you did.


As for wall warts, a Silver Sharpie works wonderfully.  They are also handy for marking hand held radio batteries.


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