Garmin GPSIII+ stuck on date

(Thanks to Bob, N6TV, for getting this one figured out)


The symptoms are simple - the GPSIII+ locates properly and all seems well except for the date - it shows 03-Feb-96!  N6TV emailed me about this after seeing my battery replacement webpage hoping that I would have an answer.  I pay no attention to the date function on the GPS, so I had not noticed that all three of mine were acting up.

Bob finally ran the problem down.  I searched for it and had no luck, but he apparently searched using different terms and found the following webpage.

Note that the date will always be 1024 weeks off, increasing daily, not always 3 Feb 96.  "Ever since March, 2015, any GPS III Pilot that does not have a current date in its real time clock will calculate a date that is exactly 1024 weeks in the past."  This means the Sunrise/Sunset time won't be right either.

You can find the "GPS End of Week Rollover" GPS update software Software:   Here are the instructions:

I did this update on three GPSIII+s and it fixed them all.








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