Clapp-Eastham Co.

These catalogs were printed by the Clapp-Eastham Company of Cambridge, Massachussets, makers of the famed Boston Key.  They do not have dates, only catalog letters.  The last one has no date or letter and is much larger than the others.  Note that the first catalog is the smallest and is entitled "Parts and Materials".  The second and third catalogs are entitled "Radio Telegraph Apparatus" and the fourth catalog is entitled "A Book of Electrical Apparatus and Some Other Things".  The last one has a wide variety of electrical devices, and it is interesting to note that it does not have the Boston Key.

Clapp-Eastham Co. Catalog P.  10 pages 3 MB.  Download.


Clapp-Eastham Co. Catalog S.  48 pages. 7.3 MB.  Download.


Clapp-Eastham Co. Catalog W.  48 pages. 17 MB. Download.

Clapp Eastham Co. Catalog.  114 Pages.  35.3 M.  Download.