The N7CFO Keyletter

Last Updated December 11, 2022

The N7CFO Keyletter was a  publication dedicated to the lore of telegraphy and the collection of telegraph instruments.  The Keyletter started in 1992 when I received inquiries from two other collectors about keys and decided to save some time by sending a combined reply.  Within a few months I found myself publishing a newsletter.  Unfortunately, the advent of email groups dried up the input for the Keyletter, and it is now out of publication.

The Keyletter was written to document the research of collectors who submitted their findings for publication. Information was often developed about a particular key over several issues, so it is necessary to have the full set to use the Keyletters as a research tool. Input was printed in random order as it came in, so I provide a cumulative index so readers can readily locate information.  The Keyletter is not a polished publication and it was not produced regularly -  I sent it out when I had enough material to make up an issue. 

All told, I produced 39 Keyletters for a total of 484 pages.  Issues 1 through 35 are available in hard copy, and issues 36 through 39 are in PDF only.  The later issues were electronically "printed" to PDF and are pretty good. The earlier issues were scanned, and are legible, but the graphics are not all that great, and they do not print clearly.

Please contact me at n7cfo[at] for further information.

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