The N7CFO Download Page

(Last update March 20, 2017)

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of reference material.  A lot of it is scarce, so I have decided to share it in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Most of these documents were scanned in grayscale, and as a result the files are huge.  This is the price you have to pay for good resolution on the photos and drawings.  The entire documents have been scanned unless otherwise noted.  I encourage downloads of these documents - this will ensure that they are preserved and will not be lost to future collectors.  If you are unable to download them, send me $10.00 and I will burn a CD for you.  Be sure to specify which files you want.

If you have documents to share, I would like to hear from you.  I would be pleased to scan or photograph them and make them available.

ATKO Autronics, page 1.  (420K) page 2 (770K)
A-Tronix CW Keyboard (2.2 MB) Barker & Williamson Model 361 Codax (377K)
Bunnell Telegraph & Electric Co. The Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter
Clapp-Eastham Co. Data Engineering Electronic Feather Touch Keyer   (149K)
Electro-Bug Mfg. Co. Electronic Signal Devices Duomatic
M.M. Fleron & Sons 1931 Catalog (2.1 MB) The Fullerphone
Leach Relay Co. Melehan Radio
Murdock Apparatus Co.  The Nikey (344K)
Self Winding Clock Company (Manual 1.5M)  (Instructions 2M)  [Note:  The pages on these documents are out of order.  Print them and sort by hand] Simplex Auto
Signal Electric Fundamentals of Wireless Telegraphy (includes catalog)   (3.9 MB) Ultimate Transmitter  (360K)
U.S. Army Signal Corps Publications Mars EK-75 Keyer (58K)
FYO Paddles Flyer  (1.6 MB)