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(Last update December 12, 2020)

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of reference material.  Much of it it is scarce, so I have decided to share it in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Most of these documents were scanned in grayscale, and as a result the files are huge.  This is the price you have to pay for good resolution on the photos and drawings.  The entire documents have been scanned unless otherwise noted.  I encourage downloads of these documents - this will ensure that they are preserved and will not be lost to future collectors. 

If you have documents to share, I would like to hear from you.  I would be pleased to scan or photograph them and make them available.

Morsum Magnificat Downloads

ATKO Autronics, page 1.  (420K) page 2 (770K)
A-Tronix CW Keyboard (2.2 MB) Barker & Williamson Model 361 Codax (377K)
Bunnell Telegraph & Electric Co. The Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter
Clapp-Eastham Co. Data Engineering Electronic Feather Touch Keyer   (149K)
Electro-Bug Mfg. Co. Electronic Signal Devices Duomatic
M.M. Fleron & Sons 1931 Catalog (2.1 MB) The Fullerphone
Leach Relay Co. Melehan Radio
Murdock Apparatus Co.  The Nikey (344K)
Self Winding Clock Company (Manual 1.5M)  (Instructions 2M) 

[Note:  The pages on these documents are out of order.  Print and sort by hand]

Simplex Auto
Signal Electric Fundamentals of Wireless Telegraphy (includes catalog)   (3.9 MB) Ultimate Transmitter  (360K)
FYO Paddles Flyer  (1.6 MB) Mars EK-75 Keyer (58K)
U.S. Army Signal Corps Publications Morse, The End of an Era by TonySmith, G4FAI (6MB)  (Printed by permission of G4FAI)
Key and Plug Assemblies by Chris Bisallion, VE3CBK and Louis Meulstee, PA0PCR The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy By William G. Pierpont, N0HFF
Natrometer Morse Code Practice Machine brochure 1918 J.H. Bunnell Catalog (15.2 MB)

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